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: 2nd Gen Electronics, Audio, and Lighting

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  1. Turn signal oddity - relay click
  2. Dead Battery twice after sitting for 2 weeks
  3. iPod question
  4. 2017 Chevy Colorado LT - MyLink/Intellilink Video Issue
  5. Dual 10" Shallow Subwoofer setup (Video/Bass test)
  6. About how long can I safely run the radio?
  7. Sluggish CarPlay
  8. OnStar, XM and Wifi Questions
  9. 2016 Chevy Colorado LED Switchbacks (Diode Dynamics)
  10. ASM Receiver location? (xm module)
  11. Service Theft Deterrent:::> Battery Issue?
  12. Trail Boss LED Wiring Harness adding a 3rd Light Help?
  13. Back-up Camera degrading
  14. Does swapping out the third brake light bulb need a resistor?
  15. Radar detector harness
  16. HID, LED and Headlight PWM...
  17. Swap out rear view
  18. Gauge cluster color change
  19. JL Audio box
  20. Andriod Auto Google Music stopped working
  21. Faint "beeping" noise.
  22. Is 7-speaker Bose audio installable by the dealer?
  23. Disable Android Auto?
  24. Engine hour display ?
  25. Chevy's 4G wifi and VOIP
  26. Headlight reflector fell off
  27. looking for rear speaker wires
  28. ZR2 fog lights
  29. Amber vs white fog lamps
  30. White face gauges?
  31. Odd Beeping Noise
  32. mylink display inoperable due to interior temperature?
  33. DIC speed limit
  34. CarPlay weirdness
  35. DRL relocation harness
  36. Bluetooth devices
  37. Foglights don't turn on
  38. What are these wires for?
  39. Fog light question
  40. iPad mini in dash
  41. What are these wires?
  42. Memory Saver
  43. DIC screen not working properly
  44. Has anybody gotten a Motorola Moto Z Play to work with Android Auto?
  45. Potential New Product - 4X4 Indicator Display
  46. Sirius XM for what it's worth.
  47. RC 30" Curved LED Light Bar
  48. Switch Box
  49. Hid question
  50. WiFi speed? Through OnStar/AT&T
  51. Rollbar 3rd brake light.
  52. Bed fan for dog crate
  53. Factory accessory kicker sub w/Bose?
  54. Switchback Hyper Flashes
  55. Headlight .vs. DRL on Canyon
  56. About to order some lighting upgrades, just wanted some quick feedback
  57. Auto A/C unimpressive
  58. How to access My POIs when truck is moving
  59. Any way to turn the door chime off?
  60. Electronic tailgate lock
  61. 2016 Colorado LT - Autoplay with iPhone on BT and/or Carplay?
  62. 2016 Colorado "infotainment system" observations
  63. MyLink SirusXM channel logos
  64. Keeping the LTE Wifi on
  65. Does the "radio" have the ability to store music?
  66. How to import waypoints/POIs to the Nav system
  67. Second opinion before buying
  68. Rear Door Speaker Signal for Sub
  69. Temperature display lights out
  70. Bose Speaker Replacement?
  71. USB/SD Video Playback Disabled even when Parked on 2017 models
  72. Tow Pckg. dead LH Turn signal/brake dead?
  73. Amp & Sub Box
  74. Looking for headlights
  75. Silver-Lux Pro LED Bulbs
  76. Help me pick a dash cam
  77. Import Lat Long into MyLink GPS?
  78. 2015 Z71 Nav Software Version?
  79. No Pandora unless phone connected with Android Audo?
  80. 2017 Canyon Denali fuses
  81. To me, the OnStar/MyGMC app is junk
  82. LED High Beams 2016 Colorado
  83. Samsung Android phone BT pairs, but no contact list?
  84. External CD Player for '17 Colorado
  85. Onstar nav VS. Navigation
  86. Bluetooth Issues
  87. Headlight Bulb leveling
  88. Switch Location?
  89. Left Side Lights Quit Working
  90. Which is Better? - CarPlay vs. Android Auto
  91. pre set radio station buttons not showing
  92. Mylink nag about the number of media files.
  93. LED Headlights
  94. XM Radio in WORK TRUCK?
  95. Any idea what this does?
  96. "Convenient" connection for underdash lighting?
  97. Use Android Auto and cannot use phone
  98. OnStar "Smart Driver" issue
  99. ZR2 has no fog lights?
  100. Hydrocarbon Pollution Sensor: Activated when following a Diesel VW
  101. Want to hear some bass?
  102. Subthump Dual 10" Downfire Box + Amp Mount Setup W/ Pictures + Video
  103. OEM Offroad Sport Bar lights installed, need activation code
  104. Any way to dim just the infotainment screen?
  105. OEM Sport Bar Switch
  106. MyLink Software Version
  107. Geeze, I feel stupid: Factory Nav
  108. Rear speaker volume
  109. Tip for thumbdrive users
  110. Adding power mirrors to a 17 WT
  111. Question on the Bose stereo
  112. Diode dynamic Led Foglight Bulbs
  113. Need help identifying the type of pin used for the connector on the BCM
  114. Sudden Issue w/ Gauge Cluster
  115. Just saying thanks
  116. Apple CarPlay Update
  117. Android Auto vs Apple CarPlay Sound quality
  118. Illuminated emblem help!
  119. Fog Lights Adjustable ???
  120. 2017 Info Home Screen
  121. Rigid RDS 30"
  122. My Chevrolet app, no keyfob function due to no wifi?
  123. Opt7 Fluxbeam X in factory projectors?
  124. WT fog lights upgrade question
  125. Service rear camera?
  126. OPT7 Fluxbeam X Fan on only
  127. Adding inverter to tailgate area
  128. CB/PA System
  129. LEDs, can bus, and resistors.
  130. Any Scanner fans? Antenna Options?
  131. I06 downgrade?
  132. Android Auto software update Question
  133. Backup camera
  134. SiriusXM Subscribers
  135. LED Bed lighting
  136. Side Markers?
  137. Kicker VSS
  138. Installing Fog Light Bulbs
  139. Infotainment update
  140. DIC Info Pages, anyone delete items?
  141. Cargo light
  142. Wiring instructions for 3rd brake light on sports bar
  143. Android Auto question
  144. Question about the sports bar lights.
  145. Supernova V.3 LED Fogs added
  146. Extended cab non-Bose audio upgrade for dummies
  147. Matching LED's for High/Low and Fog Lights
  148. Play Videos on Head Unit any time?
  149. Tweeter remvoal
  150. Brighter Bulbs For Foglights
  151. LED lights in rear bumper
  152. GMC Intellilink not recognizing anything I say?
  153. Fogs On w/ High Beams Mod
  154. Power door Locks
  155. Radio Module Swap
  156. Hyperflash, but only when headlights are on.
  157. Correct Opt 7 kit?
  158. removing lowbeam bulb without the bumper?
  159. Radio Module
  160. Computer reset while driving
  161. Android Auto Killed My Bluetooth Media Connections
  162. New speakers.
  163. Question Regarding Inverter Install?
  164. Opt7 light bars
  165. Instrument Cluster failure
  166. Bluetooth autoplay, Android Auto
  167. Sirius Radio Connection
  168. Clock keeps reverting to standard time.
  169. Strange screen display
  170. Dimensions for SubThump Boxes?
  171. Front camera glitch?
  172. OnStar Unlimited Data Offer
  173. Kenwood KSC-SW11 or Rockville RW8CA
  174. To Anyone Who Has Removed the Factory Radio/XM Module
  175. Subwoofer Kenwood KCS-SW11 Compact Sub
  176. DRL brightness?
  177. Adding Center Console Storage USB
  178. I really could use some advice
  179. HID headlights/foglights
  180. charging a phone without the key in the ignition
  181. USB power output findings
  182. LED Bed lighting to turn on when unlock
  183. SwitchBacks and DRL Question
  184. CD player
  185. 2016 Colly approach light times
  186. Audio System Recommendations
  187. Cyclops LED fitment question.
  188. Colorado/Canyon Crew Cab Dual 10 Downfire Subwoofer Box
  189. Bed Lights On When Unlocked
  190. Navigation
  191. Acoustic Measurement Thread - Stock Colorado Base sound system (6 speaker)
  192. Raptor-esque Running Lights
  193. Fog lights
  194. Rear view camera replacing mirror function
  195. Problem after installing LED signal/brake lights in GMC Canyon
  196. Battery / Terminal cover
  197. Intellilink goes black
  198. HID Question
  199. Brake lights not functioning correctly
  200. Turn signal mirrors from Holden Colorado
  201. Can't figure out my HID issue.
  202. H11 Morimoto 2stroke LED question
  203. Upgrading the Audio
  204. **DIY** Opening up a headlight assembly
  205. I want to shoot myself in the face everytime I turn on my stock WT radio!!!
  206. The FNG from Las Vegas, an audio enthusiast with a plan for sound quality
  207. Loose wires below driver-side tail light?
  208. Adding light to Trail Boss Light Bar
  209. FYI Do not install Morimoto led fogs lights
  210. Android Voice Commands Stopped Wroking
  211. Diode Dynamics On Colorado...
  212. Android Auto and USB-C problem solved
  213. Can't find a product.....
  214. Steering wheel controls retrofit
  215. Another Bose question
  216. Anyway to disable the icy roads warning?
  217. The dreaded IO3 Stereo
  218. Door Lock Actuator
  219. Bose / iPod issues?
  220. Need opinion on projector lights
  221. DD switchback resistors' assume I'll need them?
  222. WT base radio upgrade
  223. Iphone driving me nuts!
  224. Heated Mirrors
  225. Swapped OPT7 to Cyclops LED headlight bulbs
  226. ipod isn't recognized
  227. 2016 Colorado Mylink w/nav
  228. Truck Stalled while at idle
  229. High Beam Wire Under Dash?
  230. GM...I know you're watching...No 4X4 indicator in plain view!!
  231. Retro fit in eagle eyes projectors
  232. Opt 7 HID Install - picture
  233. Android Auto Power Drain
  234. Add resistor to LED light
  235. Need Trail Boss Roll Bar Screw Hole Measurements
  236. New Key Fob
  237. SubThump/Kicker/Orion Install
  238. LED retrofit kit?
  239. Posted speed limit in DIC?
  240. Infotainment not showing Podcasts
  241. 2016 MyLink w/iOS Update
  242. Dust Cover Removal
  243. LED Fogs
  244. condensation in headlights
  245. 16 Canyon Radio Turns off!!
  246. Bulb out with HIDs
  247. Interior lights dims too early
  248. Intelilink and Iphone 7+
  249. Removing Rear Pannel behind seats on crew cab?
  250. Turning off DRL